A person has long developed a craving for beauty. And the most natural beauty that always surrounds us is nature. It is the Earth – a great place to know which is worth striving for. The discoveries of space will wait, because the Earth will present such wonders of the world, before which everything else fades. And the most beautiful places on the planet can be seen here – on the pages of

Wonders of the world or the most beautiful places on the planet

Here you will learn about the amazing and unique places of the Earth. Our planet is beautiful in its impermanence: in anger and joy, in the dawn brilliance and dusk of sunset. But there are places that remain unshakable day and night, spring and autumn. It is about these attractions, we will tell you. Here you will find a fascinating journey, diving into the secrets of the oceans, climbing to the highest peaks of the world, exploring the majestic forests. We provide all the stories with pictures, because even a simple viewing of photos will make you appreciate the beauty of the Earth.

Wonders of the World

Here are collected the most interesting and obscure wonders of the world, photos and descriptions of which will help to learn more about them.
All of them are divided into 4 groups:
  • Ancient Wonders of the World – in this section you will read about the 7 wonders of the world
  • New Wonders of the World – All the most amazing that is included in the list of New Wonders of the World 2018 and 2019
  • Man-made Wonders – Architectural, Scientific and cultural achievements of mankind
  • Wildlife – a description of the animal and plant world of our planet. We will touch upon extinct species and mention our contemporaries
  • Inanimate nature – you are waiting for mountain ranges and snow-capped peaks, majestic rivers and waterfalls. The most unshakable and eternal wonders of nature, which admired thousands of years ago. But we will tell about these amazing places of the planet to the whole world in 5 minutes
  • Natural phenomena – majestic, beautiful, destructive and sometimes completely inexplicable things

The most beautiful places on the planet

Each of the categories will give you unique, in its own way the most beautiful places in the world that attract millions of tourists. Some of you have visited, heard about others, and some will be a pleasant surprise for you. I hope that every story about the wonders of the world, read by you, will be pleasant and useful for you.

The most beautiful places on the planet are collected here.

Our site will help to learn more about the beauty of nature, to plan a vacation or entertainment on a business trip. We hope that having got on, you will change your own attitude to nature and will love it, appreciate and preserve its heritage. We will try to awaken the desire for beauty with our publications, because we choose only the most beautiful places on the planet.

The most beautiful places in the world

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